December 07, 2019
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Stainless Steel Marking

IntelliCAM produces high-quality engraving and etching on stainless steel, a product that is well suited for marine, industrial and outdoor environments.

We offer several processes to choose from: CNC Engraving to achieve absolute control in the cut and depth when engraving SSTL, Chemical Etching to attain tight tolerances producing metal parts that function with consistent precision, and Laser Engraving for high volume, changeable copy on valve tags or similar items.

Over the years, we have learned that using the right equipment will always provide superior results. Trust the experts who have proven their ability to understand engineering and manufacturing requirements time and time again.

Please select an option below to view more detailed and specific information. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.

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Additional Options

  • Metalphoto®Metalphoto
    Metalphoto® is a darkroom process that reproduces images with photographic results. Metalphoto® is made from anodized aluminum with an embedded silver halide material. When exposed to light, the silver halides in the material turn black and create an image. The unexposed halides are washed away and the anodized aluminum is sealed. This unique process is exceptionally durable maintaining amazing sharpness and clarity under a broad range of challenging environments.



  • ScreenprintingScreenprinting
    Screenprinting can reproduce images with a high level of detail and can be used on products for indoor and/or outdoor environments. Screen printing is one of the early methods of printing. It involves the passing of ink or any other printing medium through a mesh or 'screen' that has been stretched on a frame, and to which a stencil has been applied. The stencil openings determine the image that will thus be imprinted.



  • EngravingEngraving
    Rotary engraving is a process which uses a rotating cutting tool in a motorized spindle. The tool cuts into the surface of the material to a specified depth and produces a groove of the same shape and dimension as the cutter. Rotary engraving can be performed on a variety of materials with multi layered plastics being the most common. The most common multi layer plastic is a two layer laminate composed of a base layer and top cap layer. The top cap layer is engraved through exposing the base color which becomes the color of the copy or images. If engraved copy is desired on both sides, three ply laminates are available. A multi layered plastic is also available with a transparent top and a colored back layer which can be reverse back engraved offering a smooth face. The copy or image is then paint filled with the desired contrasting color. This provides an easily cleaned and more durable face front.

IntelliCAM offers a vast array of substrates to support our many processes. The following is a general listing of materials. Please contact us for a specific applications. With so many options at our disposal, you can be assured a solution is always available.



  • Sizes up to 24.00" x 40.00"
  • Thickness ranging from .005" x .125"
  • Color is Silver/Black, other limited selection available

Polycarbonate (Lexan®) 

  • Sizes up to 24.00" x 48.00"
  • Thickness ranging from .005" to .032"
  • Color selection unlimited (PMS colorchart utilized)


Engraving Stock

  • Sizes up to 24.00" x 48.00"
  • Thickness available 1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8"
  • Color selection limited to stock colors

Vinyl (Decals)

  • Sizes up to 27.00" x 38.00"
  • Thickness .002"
  • Color selection unlimited


Stainless Steel

  • Sizes up to 48.00" x 120.00"
  • Thickness as required (std gauge range)
  • Types, 304-2B, 304-4, 304L, 316-2B, 316L


IntelliCAM has extensive fabrication and assembly options to support all of our major processes. Below is a listing of the most common.

  • Adhesive application (up to 36.00" x any length)
  • Hole punching for mounting holes
  • Tapping operation for mounting screws
  • PEM® stud insertion
  • Metal Finishing (Graining, Non-Directional, Vibratory)
  • CNC Press Brake
  • Painting
  • Anodizing
  • Welding (MIG/TIG)

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